Morning Muse


I want to be a daughter of the morning.

One who rises easily, fresh and alert

Waiting for the sun to say, “Come, meet the day.”

I admire the soft sunlight that bathes the still streets outside my window

And long to savor this moment to sit and gaze and create.

But poetry halts as I realize that I did not wake quite early enough today.  Cue cartoon sound effect of creative gears screeching to a halt.   There are two little boys plodding down the stairs.  The news of the morning is Louie’s bloody nose.  His sheets and pillow will need to be washed and his little nose is crusted over with a smudge of reddish brown.

Sigh.  I will just finish this blog post after…

I wash blueberries out of the bunny Pez dispenser (Because mom says no more candy today)…or after-

I wipe yellow dye off the senile dog’s back (Otis bumped in to me while I was blowing my Crayola colored bubbles.)…or after-

The clock strikes 10:00 p.m. and I finally plop down and stare out my windows at the still street bathed in darkness.  There is no promise of day awaiting, but the anticipation of rest is sweet too.  I still cannot seem to lasso the morning for my muse, but the process is still fulfilling.





About ericamcmo

I am currently a stay-at-home mom to my two darling boys. Before that I was a high school English teacher for 9 years. This blog is just an attempt to keep my latent passion for writing ablaze as I march through these busy years!

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  1. Missed this last night, love “can’t seem to lasso the morning” & with two young ones, I understand. I like the post and the way you crafted it, showing your life in all its messiness.

  2. I love the contrast of light and darkness and the story of the day that takes place in between. My favorite line is lasso the morning for my muse. Also, I’m giggling about senile old Otis 😊

  3. I’m impressed you came back to your blog to post after a long day! You’ve got stamina, and that’s half the battle. Your life was your muse today.

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