Monthly Archives: March 2013



It’s the first wave of spring weather and we are outdoors at a dinner party that one of Ben’s coworkers is hosting. Everett is bopping around the deck snacking on olives, playing with a plastic dinosaur, and occasionally sneaking indoors to admire the trash can.

For a moment, he stills and begins staring up at the sky with wonder. He is humming a melodic tone of alternating “m” and “n” sounds. I smile as the party guests (none of whom have kids) look to me for interpretation. Everett’s song begins to ascent in volume, pace, and passion as he points upwards into the dusky atmosphere. And then I see it: the moon has pasted itself on the sunset canvas like a shimmering decal. “Oh yes- that’s the moon, Honey,” I acknowledge. Everett grins and absorbs the affirmation.

One of the many small but magical moments that make up my days… I am infatuated with watching Everett make connections between abstract concepts he sees in books (ie: “Goodnight Moon”) and concrete realities in his world…and then celebrating these epiphanic synapses with words, wonderful words.

At least once a day, he surprises me with the expansiveness of his awareness, memory, and ability to communicate. Dare I say, that TWO is terrific?