Monthly Archives: February 2013

33 Bliss


I feel the pressure right now to write an epic long blog update detailing our wonderful family trip to Savannah earlier this month, all our fun February adventures, and upcoming festivities for Everett’s 2nd birthday… but it’s my birthday today–and I would rather climb in bed and dive into the copy of “Gone Girl” that I just picked up from the library. So- all the vacation photos and musings will have to wait.

For now though, I just wanted to express gratitude. I turned 33 today and feel such contentment with this phase of life. I spent a wonderful day with Ev that included fingerpainting with other moms and little friends, treated myself to a Chipotle lunch craving, rested during Everett’s long afternoon nap, and then was treated to an amazing home-cooked dinner by my thoughtful husband. Ben surprised me by making a “throwback nostalgia meal” that was one of my childhood favorites. My parents used to make Steak Diane and twice-baked potatoes as a “fancier” meal now and then, so Ben found some recipes and whipped up a delicious gourmet birthday dinner that made me smile and remember good years with my parents.

And only about 8 more weeks to go until we become a family of four. Another wonderful guy will soon enter my heart….many girls can’t find one and I will have three (Okay- four if you count Otis). That’s a lot of testosterone, sweat, farts, burps, and stinky shoes on the horizon…but I am one lucky gal.

Here are just a few photos I snapped on my phone the last week…. a sign of spring in my neighborhood, cardboard box fun, Ev’s first bowling experience, and tonight’s birthday nostalgia grub. ┬áThe photo quality is lacking, but the memories are bold and vibrant.

IMG_0858 IMG_0873 IMG_0880 IMG_0884