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Everett and I hit up the early voting poll this morning. I was shocked by how quick and easy it was…there were no chads to punch, no bubbles to color, and no lines to wait in! I guess I really shouldn’t be that surprised, but I voted via touch screen on a device that looked like an overgrown iPad. I almost let Ev push the button for president (believe me he was trying), but I was a little afraid I would get arrested for having my 20 month old cast my vote. ūüôā


Snippets & Quips-October 27th


Bringing back the Snips & Quippets…

State of the Union:¬†It’s October 27th and fall weather is FINALLY here. ¬†After several weeks of highs in the 80s, we finally had a cold snap that matches the amber leaves that crunch under our feet. ¬†Though Ben just started a busier rotation this week and has begun picking up moonlighting shifts on his days off, most of October included shorter work days and weekends spent together. ¬†It’s hard to believe that November is knocking and that the holiday cascade will soon be upon us.

I am thankful…¬†for the Bongo Java vendor that gave me a free cup of coffee at the farmer’s market this morning. ¬†Their credit card reader was on the fritz and I showed up with no cash and a bundled toddler on this dreary cool morning just dreaming about the warmth and caffeine that would soon be streaming through my veins. ¬†She must have seen the desperation in my eyes…or perhaps it was my cute kid that won her over (more likely). ¬†Must remember to bring extra cash for a large tip next week.

On my mind/I am learning…¬†that I am addicted to my iPhone. ¬†The first step is admitting and accepting, right? ¬†Seriously, I check my e-mail, the weather, my calendar, and Facebook way too many times a day. ¬†My excuse: it’s my window to the outside world while I’m spending most of my days hanging with a mostly nonverbal toddler–but I am disturbed by how often I reach for this techno-friend. ¬†I don’t want to model such device dependence for my kids and quite frankly I am scared of how this addiction will pervade our culture when Everett is a teenager. ¬†I just ordered a new book that I am psyched to read and have even gotten my mom’s club to take it on as our next book club read: Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.¬† Here’s hoping it is the 12-step program I am looking for.

I wonder… how the election will shake out. ¬†Heading out on Monday morning for early voting. It will be Everett’s first trip to the polls! ¬†Maybe I’ll let him color in the bubble. ūüôā

On my heart:¬†Missing my mom at Halloween. ¬†She loved this holiday…always decorating like crazy and doting on the neighborhood kids in costume. ¬†If only she could see Everett in his homemade Oscar the Grouch get-up. ¬†While he has never seen Sesame Street, the kid adores trash so it only seemed fitting to let him run around inside a garbage can all day!

Weekly Reader:¬†I just finished Simplicity Parenting for my book club. ¬†I recommend it to all parents–great ideas for simplifying your lives in order to protect childhood and fuel warmth and connectedness in your family. ¬†It has inspired me to declutter–discarding physical stuff and paring down our weekly schedule. ¬†I saw the author speak last winter and finally got around to reading his book. ¬†Great stuff. ¬†I envision myself pulling out this manual again and again as we travel through each phase of raising our children.

What’s Cooking: ¬†Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies¬† Ben complained about the fact that they are more cake than cookie, but these were definitely a tasty fall treat!

“Ev”Capades: ¬†While I am still waiting for the “language explosion” to occur, Ev has added a few more words to his vocabulary. ¬†While he is still a man of few words, he likes to pick out challenging ones when he finally does let his little voice sing. ¬†Why waste time on mundane toddler words like “mama” and “car” when you can say “jacket” and “cinnamon.” ¬†All that sprinkling of cinnamon on yogurt and oatmeal each day has prompted a new favorite utterance. ¬†Everett loves to “try” to jump– basically crouching down into a squat and standing up fast with a whole body convulsion without his feet ever leaving the ground (pretty cute). ¬†He still waves and blows kisses to every person, car, animal, or moving object that we see…(the old ladies in the grocery store love him.) ¬†And he absolutely adores being outdoors, especially if he is hiking in the crunchy leaves or pushing our neighbor’s toy lawnmower across our front yard again and again. ¬†He is slightly obsessed with his belly (and with mine for that matter) and gets quite upset when he’s wearing a onesie and can’t check on the status of his belly button several times a day. ¬†This passion is definitely a problem when he tries to reveal my tummy by lifting up my shirt in public places.

Happy Highlights:¬†October was full of lots of traveling and spending time with family and friends. ¬†We went camping with the Montgomery’s and Ben’s parents one weekend and then returned to St. Louis to attend a friend’s wedding last weekend. ¬†One of Ben’s childhood buddies tied the knot at a beautiful venue out in the country nestled in a valley hugged by striking autumn foliage. ¬†This was the first wedding Ben and I got to attend together in about 4 years and he had a great time reuniting with his crew from high school.

Looking Ahead: Tomorrow we are hosting a big block party Fall Fest and Chili Cook-off on our street.  We are expecting about 50 adults and 45 kiddos for games, spooky snacks, chili tastings and trash-talking, and lots of rosy cheeks running in the brisk air.  Should be fun!  Stay tuned for pictures.