Monthly Archives: October 2011

Gratitude Haiku: Fall Edition


There seems to be so much to be thankful for…I’ll just have to craft a few haikus here:

A long mild Autumn

Porch parties with great neighbors

Long chats with dear friends

Weekend festivals

A gaggle of visitors

The crunch of dried leaves

7 Months!

October baseball

My dad’s soup with pumpkin beer

Bursting yellow mums

Strong growth and weight gain

Army crawling and new teeth

Joyful little man

Everett modeling his mummy shirt from Great Aunt "C"


3 Happy Campers


At the end of September, we embarked on our first family vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains. While I was nervous about taking a 6 month old baby camping, it turned out to be a truly wonderful experience.  Despite cutting his first two teeth on the trip, Everett was a very happy camper.  He actually slept better in the tent than in his crib at home… I think I’m going to pitch a tent in our backyard!  The absolute best part of the trip was spending 7 days with Ben and Everett.  I locked my cell phone in the trunk of the car and Ben didn’t even crack open a Cardiology textbook.  Everett loved the new sights and sounds.  Ben encouraged him touch every different type of tree and rock we encountered and Everett just loved having daddy around all day long. Here are some highlights…

Our first night at the campsite...Everett is so happy to be out of the car at last!

It was chilly that first morning!

We saw four bears on our trip (safely from our car!). We captured the first one with our camera here. The second sighting was a mama bear and her two cubs climbing down from one of the trees. I was too awestruck to fumble for the camera.

Good Morning! We borrowed a tent suite from Ben's parents...big enough for a Pack n' Play and an air mattress. I guess we weren't really roughing it!

Snuggling with my own little bear cub on a rainy morning.

We hiked to Laurel Falls where Everett got to lay on the cool stone at the waterfall base.

Soaking up the scenic view!